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Questions and answers about our rental cars in Corfu

Below you will find questions and answers about our rental cars in Corfu. If your question could not be answered, please send us your question by e-mail.

Who is driveCORFU rent a car?

driveCORFU rent a car was founded in 1994 with the aim to make renting a car easier and less complicated for all visitors to the island of Corfu.

Why are rental rates cheaper at driveCORFU than many other providers?

The low rental prices at driveCORFU are made possible by a clear and consistent corporate concept. Among other things, this is made possible by a minimum rental period of 7 days, personal handover of the rental car at the airport (no expensive airport, no shuttle bus), etc. and not least through the distribution via the Internet.

Can I take the vehicle at the hotel and deliver it there?

Yes – in the entire northern half of the island of Corfu (from altitude airport in the east and Pelekas in the west – see map below) is the delivery to the hotel, cottage or apartment for free. You can either return the vehicle to the hotel or at the airport.

I would like to return the rental car at the hotel in the evening – is that possible?

Yes – If you want to return your rental car to the hotel after 09:00 in the morning, just book one more day. When you hand over the vehicle, please inform us that you want to return the rental car the previous day / evening before.

Important information for vehicle return at the hotel / accommodation!

Handover and return at the hotel / holiday house / apartment are, however, only possible until 09:00 in the morning, even if the 24 hour clock is shorter (if you do not want to take the vehicle until 11:00 on the day of delivery, for example). If you want to sleep longer, our staff will explain at the vehicle handover, where you can deposit the vehicle key on the return date.

My hotel is located in the southern half of the island of Corfu.

A vehicle transfer in the southern part of the island is not possible. Alternatively, book your rental car from / to Corfu Airport and take the bus to the airport on the day of transfer. From the south there are good bus connections to Corfu Town (Kerkyra). Just ask at your hotel for the possible bus connections. Meeting point is then the arrivals hall in the airport at the time of handover, as if you were arriving by plane. In the arrivals hall, pay attention to a sign (DIN A4) with your name and please provide a mobile number when booking. with if we should not find each other directly. Thus, we can contact you quickly. When booking online, enter WALK IN instead of the flight data.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle for less than 7 days?

No. The minimum rental period for driveCORFU is always 7 days. One rental day equals 24 hours. Alternatively, you can book for 7 days and return the car earlier. Then just let us know when you hand over the vehicle so that we can take note of it accordingly.

I don´t have a credit card. Can I then book a rental car with driveCORFU?

Yes. With driveCORFU you do not need a credit card, as payment by credit card is generally not possible with us. After your booking, you pay the deposit of 15% as normal by bank transfer to the bank account of our brokerage partner in Germany and the final payment is made exclusively in cash on arrival at the vehicle.

Other companies require a deposit by credit card?

driveCORFU does not ask for a deposit. You need for the online booking and also on site at the vehicle delivery NO deposit and NO credit card!

I / we need a child seat:

Child seats are available in three variants (child seats for children up to 9 KG, child seats for children from 9-18 KG and booster seat for children from 18 KG). Each child seat will be charged a rental fee of EUR 2.00 per day.

When should I have booked my rental car?

The sooner the better! Just to the holiday dates, it can quickly come to bottlenecks. Secure your rental car early via our Internet booking system. Bookings on the last push are almost impossible in the high season.

Can I also book my rental car locally at the airport?

No! Since driveCORFU does not maintain an expensive airport terminal, it is not possible to book your rental car shortly after your arrival. Use our Internet booking system and book your rental car early.

Can I take the ferry to the mainland with my rented vehicle?

Yes! Crossings to mainland Greece (additional charge) are generally permitted only with our written permission. The additional fee for the rental price for this is EUR 60.00 flat rate and must be paid locally at the vehicle handover together with the final payment.

Costs for the ferry are not included and must be paid by yourself. There are no cross-border journeys allowed. Please inform us by e-mail after making an online booking and informing us of the booking number if you make a crossing to the mainland. In the voucher or by separate mail confirmation then the approval is confirmed by us in writing to you.

Please note that in case of vehicle damage (be it due to technical defect or accident) a replacement vehicle can only be provided on Corfu. The organization of the return of the vehicle to Corfu must be done by you (tenant).

Under no circumstances may a vehicle remain on the mainland and the return must be made to Corfu at the booked return location. Ferry costs for the passage back to Corfu as well as any additional costs (hotel, etc.) incurred by you are entirely at your expense, are not included in the insurance and are not covered by driveCORFU.

Departures of ferries between Corfu and Igoumenitsa:

On the website of you will find the timetable of the ferries.
TIP: Since the page is only available in Greek, we recommend that you have the page translated in the browser (translation function of your browser).
Prices about EUR 10,00-15,00 per person and
approx. EUR 33,00-40,00 per vehicle
(Information without guarantee, subject to change)

Which vehicles are offered?

driveCORFU offers you a vehicle fleet with an average age of 2 years, with new vehicles being added all the time. Thanks to a well-developed network of partners, a fleet of more than 250 vehicles is available. Starting with the small category A (for example Scoda Citigo or similar) up to the category I (for example minibus for 9 persons for example Peugeot Expert or Tepee) a large selection is available. Please note that only the respective category, but not a specific vehicle model, can be confirmed.

Which tank control is to be observed?

We offer a fair and transparent tank control. The return of the vehicle must be carried out with the tank filling with which it was handed over. Level differences are reloaded. driveCORFU reserves the right to provide you with a higher than booked vehicle category (free upgrade) without additional calculation.

Early delivery or late return:

When taking over the vehicle or returning the vehicle between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am, a late or early supplement of EUR 15.00 will be charged together at the time of vehicle handover, with the final payment additionally being charged.

We need more than 1 vehicle.

In this case, you must make a second booking via the Internet.

These were questions and answers about our rental cars in Corfu. If your question can not be answered, please send us an e-mail message in German.

Vehicle delivery on Corfu

Please note:

In the green marked area on the map (see below), vehicle handovers are possible in all locations on Corfu.

In the southern half of the island of Corfu (marked in red), no vehicle transfers or vehicle returns are generally possible! If you live in the southern part of the island of Corfu, we can offer you alternatively only the rental of a rental car from / to Corfu airport. From the south there are very good bus connections to Corfu town or to the airport. Check out the bus timetable of GREEN BUSES in Corfu (opens in a new tab).

On the GREEN BUSES Corfu website, click on “South Corfu” on the left side and then choose your holiday destination. On the right side in the timetable you can see the connections from the resort towards Corfu Town. The timetable and the price are displayed under the timetable!

If you take the bus to the airport, the rental car transfer takes place in the arrivals hall (1st and 2nd entrance to the airport building) exactly as if you were arriving by plane. In the arrivals hall, look for a sign with your name. They recognize us by the yellow polo shirts with the inscription driveCORFU. Please keep your mobile phone ready to receive. Should we not find ourselves directly, we can call you shortly and let you know where we are waiting for you.

Overview map of possible locations for rental car deliveries to hotels in Corfu:

= Handover and return of the rental car at all hotels and holiday accommodations possible.
= No hotel delivery and no return of the rental car possible!